Sunday, February 24, 2013

Time stands still for no one

I admit that I forgot about my blog entirely. So much chaos has happened since my last post.
I've moved twice, I bought a house, I went back to work, my babies grew, I went on a weight loss journey and slipped again, I quit smoking then took it up again, there's been grief and sadness and happiness and time has plodded along.

There's so much I want to fit into my life every day but I always find myself going back to the adage that there aren't enough hours in the day.  But...(always a but)...but there are.  I just choose not to use them wisely. There's part of me that enjoys the chaos to an extent.  It gives me something to worry about. Sounds strange, but true.

So those lists steps this time around.  I'm going to pick three things to accomplish in the next seven days and make a concerted effort to tick them off:

1) make it back to Zumba - I went for a year straight. Loved it. Every minute of it. Then there was a break for the holidays and I haven't made it back. Something always comes up, or I'm too tired, or some other excuse! Time to dance!

2) Go meat free one day a week.  I follow a lady who is vegan. I see her posts day in and day out on Facebook. So starting this week I want to attempt a meat free day. 

3) Pack my lunch for work. Simple and money saving! I'm tired of the greasy, fatty food at the cafe across the road.  I only work three days a week so it's not even a huge effort!

Actually I'm going to add a fourth goal here

4) early nights. I'm a night owl, always have been. So this week I'll aim for three early nights on the days before I work.

And the clock says 1222...time's ticking!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cold Turkey Coke Quitting

 I've decided to quit coke.  I drink far too much of it - bucketloads of the stuff.  I think it affects my ability to sleep properly, and is partially responsible for my extra kgs.

I'm on Day 2 of Cold Turkey.  I have a headache.  A BIG headache.  And water just isn't doing it for me.  Yesterday I was fine, no problems didn't even think about it.  But today I'd nearly give my left arm for a can of diet coke.  How sad is that?!

Monday, January 18, 2010


My life is so exciting, today I'm waiting for my new fridge to arrive! I'm promising myself that this time I'll keep it organised...hmmm we'll see how long that lasts!

I just wish I knew what time they were delivering it as we're running dangerously low on toilet paper and I need to go to the supermarket!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Making Lists

It's been full on around here with Christmas, School holidays and Harry pants.  Miss A and E-boy are bored, cranky and generally driving me mental!
Harry pants is a challenge, he's seven months old now and has been crawling for the past month getting into everything.  Vocabulary has expanded to Mum, Nan and Dad which is very sweet but results in lots of time wasting for me while I play with him!  Additionally, he still does not sleep through the night!!  What I wouldn't give for a sleep!

With all this going on I resolved not to make New Year resolutions this year.  Instead I've taken to writing myself a list each day of 10 things that need doing.  It can be as simple as remembering to take a multivitamin to as adventurous as sorting out E-boy's room (yeah, like that's ever going to happen!), or as fun as watching a move with the kids.  But the whole point is, I know I'm never going to complete them.  If I complete half then 'm happy, I feel like I achieved something other than changing stinky nappies which is all I seem to do these days!

Todays list reads:

1. Take multivitamin
2. Drink 2 litres of water
3. Exercise
4. Return DVDs
5. Clean bathroom
6. Call spa repair place
7. Mop the floor
8. Sort out budget
9. Play the Wii wth E-boy
10. No junkfood!

So far I've managed to do number 1....

What do you do to keep yourself organised? What goals do you set - big ones or small ones? I'd love to hear about it!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Twilight Funnies

Just to balance it out, here's some funnies.  I love Twilight, but couldn't stop laughing when I saw these...

Being Cranky

I'm not a happy camper this morning.  I want a sleep in! M stayed in bed yesterday morning reading, so now he thinks it's his turn to sleep in today! I could scream! Why does he get TWO days of the weekend to stay in the warm comfy bed? Just because he read yesterday morning!

So this morning, the bubba and I are being noisy...hehe (insert evil laughter here)..load of washing is on, TV is on, and just waiting for the older kids to get up so I can encourage them to be noisy too...

Yes, I'm childish, but I'm also very tired!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Poor Memory!!

I had intended on posting regularly on my blog...and then I forgot the password! That's where I've been - trying desperately to get back online! I hate passwords - I have far too many, and I can never remember them.  If I write them down I lose the piece of paper they're written on.  It's frustrated me no end!

But here I am, I'm back!